Creepers and platforms are an "awkward fashiontrend" - UM WHAT?

15 June 2014

So there's this Dutch website with a lot of topics, they also talk about fashion. I saw a notification on my Facebook timeline with an article called: "Awkward fashiontrends from the 20th century". I  clicked on the link and I was like: "Um, what?". How dare you write something about this when you don't even know what fashion actually is, and what the trends really are about.

I really want to respond on the acticle, that's why i'm writing this post for you guys. The article and the website is in Dutch, so only the people who can understand it can read it. Or you want to translate it with google translate haha. You can read the original article here.


The first thing that I want to talk about are platforms. They litteraly say ''Should we forget this trend, after we laughed about it.'' I mean come on, one of the hottest trends these days are platforms. They come with boots, sneakers and sandals. So many fashion bloggers are walking with those, how can you even think about forgetting them. Alright, Spice Girls set this trend in the 90's. They wore like 20 cm platform sneakers, and because of them we are still wearing it. And you know that Lady Gaga also wore those the past few years, a lot! Some were ridiculous high, but we still loved the shoes.

I really don't think this Dutch news website should talk about fashion at all. They don't even know what real "awkward fashiontrends" are. Maybe I should mail them with the link of this post after I finished it. I'm just really mad that some people think that just everyone can write about fashion, they barely know something about it. It's easy to write something, you can just use your imagination but don't tell things that aren't true. Girlscene, get your facts together. You cán have your opinion, but damn tell it that way and don't publish them as if those are the facts.


The second thing are creepers, it's just almost the same as what I said about platforms. Creepers are also platforms. "You hate it or love it: creepers. One of the shoes that you spot a lot in London. We are not convinced that you should have it in your closet." that's what they said in the article. I'm just wondering what kind of fashion sense the writers have at the website. I think they have none. I'm not bitching or anything, nope. I'm just saying what I think about the article which is a complete bullshit story.


"Tie dye is something that will bring you back in time. You have to style this trend really well if you want to wear it. Cute for a festival or for a childrens party, but should we let this trend in the 60's." - Girlscene As if you can't wear the tie dye trend, and only when you style it well. Who's the judge of that, yourself right? Why should people tell you what you can wear and what not. I mean, why should you listen to a stupid website filled with bullshit.

There are more things that I want to write about, but you can also see for yourself or this will be a never ending post. I instantly unliked the Facebook page, because what a bunch of shit. What do you think of the article that they wrote? Are you agree with me, or do you have another opinion about it? Just tell me in the comments.

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Manon said...

Waarom mogen zij het niet lelijk vinden? Net zo goed als jij je mening hebt, hebben zij die ook toch? :) Nu zeg jij eigenlijk dat hun mening nergens op slaat, omdat het wel leuk is. Volgens jou dan. Smaken verschillen, toch?

Tamara T. said...

Luister. Volgende keer als je gaat reageren, mag je beter gaan lezen. Ze schrijft over dat hun het publiceren als feiten en daar geeft ze kritiek op. En niet op een zogenaamde "mening"

Manon said...

Engels is geen probleem hoor. En zij schrijven o.a. dat zij het niet in hun kast willen hebben, niet dat je als persoon het uit je kast moet laten. Wat maakt dat jouw mening, die redelijk als feit overkomt, door te zeggen dat het bullshit is dat bijv. creepers door hen awkward worden gevonden anders is dan dat zij zeggen dat ze het awkward vinden? Ik vind verder wel dat ze het heel zwart-wit neerzetten hoor,en ik vind het heel goed dat je zegt dat je zelf mag beslissen wat je kan dragen enzo, dit vraag ik me gewoon af?

Kati said...

Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
Yeah, platforms may be trendy, but I also don't really like them, to be honest!

Have a great day,

Danai Vorgia said...

Great article! Totally agree!

Julia Rose said...

Ik ben het totaal met je eens! Ik zag het artikel ook voorbij komen en ik ergerde me er ook aan. Ik vond het sowieso een beetje apart van Girlscene om fashiontrends af te gaan lopen kraken die je overal voorbij ziet komen als je eens een keer om je heen kijkt op straat!

Ellie said...

I totally agree with you! I'm not into the trend because I know I wouldn't be able to pull it off since I'm really short and most of them make my legs bulky and short. But the writers shouldn't be judging fashion when they don't understand the basic concepts. I hate it when people try to tell people what they can't and can wear. I'd totally understand if it's about body shape or something, but in general? Heck no.

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