7 June 2016

TOP - DEALSALE (SV021480) 

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SHOES - Sammydress

The weather that day was unbelievable hot. I went for a really casual outfit, if I say so myself. I didn't wore any prints, except for the bag I carried. It was a banana canvas bag! I might add it to the shop. 

The cap is from Shop Chokers, and they are currently only available on conventions. The choker is also from Shop Chokers. I'm wearing the 25mm one. When the weather is this nice, I love to wear crop tops and skirts, the crop top i'm wearing is from Dealsale and the skirt is from Ericdress. They have other colors aswell! And they also got some really cute prints. If you're interested in other designs, click here to check it out. Platform boots are from Sammydress. They are currently not available anymore. 

Sheila Joy said...

This is too cute babe! Love your hair x

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