7 May 2016


Today's weather is so good! No more rain in The Netherlands this week. It's the first time in ages I wore a skirt outside. Today i'm wearing my own black thick velvet choker, which is currently only $9! With this choker I went for a black and white kinda look. I didn't want to burn myself with an all black outfit. I changed my outfit around 3 times or something, because I wasn't really happy with it. 

The socks i'm wearing are tooo cute! I got them from moretights, which is a trademark from Poland. It's the first time i'm wearing it, and i'm in love! The quality is so good, and it's not too thick. But the material is worth the price, really! I would totally recommend these. I will soon post a full review about them, because I also got the black ones. I wasn't sure about the skirt, I really love long A-line skirts but since i'm really short I didn't think it would fit me. I think it worked really well with this combination. I don't think I will wear this skirt with sneakers, that's just weird in my case. 

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