20 March 2016


This was my outfit at the convention yesterday. I was going with Michael, with my shop Shop Chokers. I went for an all black outfit, except for the choker ofcourse. I got this choker from Yona, my penpal from New York!! Ahh, I love her. :) 

The dress i'm wearing is from 27Dress, they have a lot of different dresses in different sizes and different prices. I'm loving this dress. I wasn't sure how to wear this dress, because this is a pretty classy dress. I think it's a really nice dress, it got a mesh detail in the end of the dress. Too bad, that I stepped on my dress and it got ripped off a bit. I can fix it, I guess... I waited a long time for the dress, I think 1 month. The dress looks exactly like the pictures, so that's a plus!

The coat I picked, is one of my favorite! I almost never really wear it. I honestly only wear it on pictures haha. I think it makes every outfit really fabulous. Ofcourse.. I couldn't let myself to not wear huge heels. My feet were DEAD in the end. They still hurt haha! I look really small if I don't wear them. Even on the pictures, I look small. :( I love how the pictures turned out haha, even though Michael can't really take pictures. I always change the settings a little bit, and then he will shoot the pictures for me. I'm not sure if I will put on the vlog from yesterday...

Have a great sunday! ~ 

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