22 December 2015

Isn't this the cutest outfit? When I was younger, I liked to try things out. Like: adding a lot of necklaces and bracelets to the outfit. When I look back at those times, i'm like: why the hell did I do that? It's so weird how "fast" you can change. It's like i've become a whole different person, and or a whole different identity. Is that what's growing up like? I got a lot of different questions to ask, but we should keep this for another conversation.

It's weird to think that I create outfits I like, but don't really wear. I don't see myself wearing this outfit today. Maybe in the next 5 years, my style will change. I like to wear bold, and different outfits. But for an outfit inspiration post, I like to create something everyone would like to wear. Just like this piece! I just love this style, it's casual, cute, and in my opinion fashionable! :) The bottom up skirt is a huge trend, just like those cute flats.

Unknown said...

This is something I would totally wear, you can create outfits for me any day, haha!


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