9 December 2015


Guuuuuurls! I finally shot some pictures after weeks, I know it's been a long time and I really missed taking some awesome pictures. My personal Instagram is pretty dead right now. I also made a new account, just for funs.

This is the first "shoot" kind of thing, with my new hair! I got this hair 3 weeks ago or something, but still. You haven't really seen it on my normal ootd pictures. I wouldn't really wear this kind of outfit in this weather, but I just like to make some cute combinations for you. I don't really wear cute outfits, but I really do like them. I should do some more of these!!

I totally love this skirt I got from CNDIRECT, I got some other items from the store and they are really cool! This skirt does feel really soft. I really like this kind of material, and the print is really cute too. I'm just too lazy to iron it haha. I just wanted to take my chance and take some pictures while I can! I got a new tripod, so taking pictures would be easier. It was a huge investment, and I don't have any regrets. Yet. We will find out. 

I honestly think I look really tall in this picture. The skirt is highwaisted, and it got a zipper in the back. It also has this kind of "poofy" feeling on it, a lot of skirts I like don't. Here is some more information about the skirt, if you're interested!

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