18 December 2015


Yeah. No, I don't really do sports at all.

When i'm trying to shoot some outfits after school, I always have the same problem. Lightning. Jep. It's winter, and it's hard to take photo's during this time. I've mentioned this several times in my blog posts, but it's getting harder and harder. The lightning in my living room isn't the best, and i'm no photography pro (yet). So I don't know what I can do to fix my lightning, so I can shoot inside. If anyone has any solutions (student friendly please, haha). I would be more than happy!

After I got some of these items in this outfit post, I couldn't wait to show you guys! I'm happy I finally got the time to take some cool pictures of it. I really like this top from Dressin, it has those cut-outs on the shoulder. I've seen those a lot on websites. I also got a dress with those holes, which is also really cute! I'm wearing the cut-out shoulder top, with the white skirt I got from Ebay. I've done a review on it a long time ago. But you can check it here. 

I'm also totally in love with these leggings. I mostly wear it inside the house, because it's too cold to wear outside. Or i'm wearing it underneath my jeans. That's what asians do, in the winter haha. My mother taught me to do that. I think this outfit is cute and sporty, and something I would see on Tumblr. My favorite picture of this shoot is the last one!! What's yours?

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