7 November 2015

There are a lot of events, conventions and markets. If you have a shop and you're one of all those awesome company's, you need to stand out! The people walking on that market need to see your stand, and think: ''Oh, that's interesting! Let me take look.'' In a few seconds they see your stand, they need to think that they want more of it. Maybe a big headline above your market stand, or a cheap price. 

Since I have my own shop, it's really imporant to have a good brand identity. They need to recognize you from far away, or if they see your logo they need to have a kind of feeling. It depends on what kind of feeling you want to give them, and what kind of company you have. Look at those huge brands like: Nike, H&M and Starbucks. They all have their own brand identity's, and you really see what is what because you recognize it. You might saw commericals on TV, or some ads in a magazine. It's so imporant what you let the people see, and feel about your company. 

I really find it hard to create a good market stand. In about 3 weeks i'm going to this fair for my shop. I'm going to show all my products and stuff I create. What really important is: leave a message they can think of when they get home or something! It's really good to make an good impression. Maybe it's the smell, the look, or another cool thing about your company that makes that impression. I've never created a stand from scratch, really. I needed to buy a big banner kind of thing, to show them my name and all my social media. And i'm also planning to buy some bracelet showstands thingies, for the bracelets I create. For all those things I sell, I need to think about how i'm going to showcase them. Since it's my very first time, I really needed some inspiration but I couldn't find the right thing for my company. Here's the first inspiration post for my own and maybe your own market stand!! 

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