14 October 2015

I totally love the webshop ASOS! It's one of my favorite webshops of all time. They have different brands, and a lot of different choices. I always find one or more pieces I really want. But my bank account won't let me buy anything haha. Two weeks ago I ordered two things a white backpack from New Look and a really cute top with a lot of different prints on it. I wore these at the NSMBL festival. But since they announced a huge sale.. I went to check the site, and here are my 10 sale favorites at asos!

I'm in love with this jacket! It's not really winter proof (I guess), but I love the material and the shape of this jacket. Look how cool looking it is. I actually need a new (winter) jacket too... But the price.. I just can't.

I adore furrrr! It's soft and warm, but a little bit risky. I never really wear fur jackets out in the public because I think it's too much.. I don't know. It's the same with lipstick, I never really wear lipstick too because I think it looks "too much" on me haha.

This is a piece, every (fancy) woman need to have. WHY??! You think? It's a classic, I love the cut outs on this one, and the pointy ends of the heel. I think it looks really cool together. You can wear a dress, a skirt, skinny jeans, or pants! It will look fabulous with literally everything.

It's not everyone's taste, but I love the chic look with the zipper. The shoe itself looks really classy but the zipper gives it a little touch. I can't describe it, but I think it loosk so cute together! With some awesome socks you're good to go.

Sometimes I like to wear all black, or almost all black. But sometimes I also just like to wear crazy colors and things. This dress screams: crazy and cool! I love the print and the colors together. They're so cute!

I actually don't like the fact that there are like woman and men sections in clothing stores. I always just look at both sections, sometimes I even look at the child's one because I still fit in that size haha. I'm so tiny. I really like this bomber jacket, it has like a paint splatter print on it on the front and back.

Classic graphic shirts like this are always welcome in my garderobe. Just look at this one! It looks like you're wearing a huge silver chain necklace haha.

Statement earrings! They can make your outfit really cool. Just look at this one. I love the tiny diamonds on it with the gold. It looks so fabulous. I bet it looks really good with a basic white or black dress.

Another gold and silver jewel? Yeah, sorry. I just love the combination. This one has like different layers and with different things. You see some beads, some stones hanging and chains!

I don't own an iPhone, but this case is perfect! Look at this fabulous picture or is it a print? I don't know, but I loovee it!

What are your favorite pieces in the sale at asos? Do you also just loveeeeee everything they sell? 

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