12 September 2015

After a few years.. I did it! I went to the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Amsterdam. It was a last minute decision but we did it! Yes, I said ''we'' because I went with my classmate Sanneke. I've mentioned her a few times before, and you probably saw her earlier on my vlogs. :)

It was a really awesome experience and there were so many fabulous people! When we wanted to go back home, we needed to take the bus or the tram. And I was a little bit stressed out because we needed to take this train because it was the last one. This bus came and we waved to him, so he could stop. But he just didn't.. he just drove away. I was really mad. :c

I was so tired in the train, so I didn't wanted to vlog in the end haha. I hope you will like my vlog.

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