9 July 2015

A few days ago I went to, it's one of my favorite websites where I like to shop online! Besides Ebay and Aliexpress ofcourse, I like to shop there because the shipping is pretty fast to The Netherlands! And they got really awesome brands. When it's sale, I like to buy everything literally EVERYTHING on the website! The products are just too awesome to resists.

I always like to wear backpacks instead of these ''other'' bags, clutches, hand bags, shoulder bags etc. But the problem is right now, I like to take my camera everywhere and I always carry this ugly camera bag with me haha. It doesn't look really fashionable, but mostly I be like: whatever. I like to take pictures and videos. Just let me be, but sometimes it's really annoying. Taking my camera out my camera bag, and not everything I want to take with me fits in the camera bag. Now I always carry a bag with my camera bag in it. The bag inception haha.

Here are my fav's from ASOS!
I'm not sponsored or anything by ASOS. Just so you know. :)

- SALE -

Monica said...

The Metallic Blue one is my fav! Looks like there is an abundance of options!

xoxx, Monica
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