4 February 2015

I totally love Miley's ''transformation'', transformation is a big word. We all change, right? And people always judge Miley because they ''miss the old Miley''. I'm like: ''Are you for real?'', because who doesn't change and why are you all judging people when you don't really know that person. I know that we all do sometimes and sometimes you don't even know it. I really love her style right now, she is doing what she likes and loves! And you can really tell that she's proud of her work. I watched some episodes of the VEVO series on YouTube with the ''Commentary'' of the artist. You can watch them here. You can tell that she thinks before she does stuff, well sometimes it's not haha. But why are we taking life so seriously?

Enough with all the chit chat haha. Let's talk about her outfit! Ofcourse, I found the picture on Pinterest. I love that website, it's great for inspiration. This outfit includes 2 huge gold chain necklaces. This style is really casual and simple, I think I wore a similar outfit before. Like 2 years ago, but I think it's still a really cool outfit and laid back. Her hair is also really awesome, I love the color and it fits the outfit perfectly!

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