5 February 2015

It's almost weekend, and it almost been a week when it was my birthday. I will still write about it! This week was the second week I had to go to school, it's still really chaotic and stressfull. It's all new, new people and new things to learn and do.

I still had to shoot some outfit pictures before I had to move. It's just so weird that I have to live at home again and not be able to see Michael everyday. I really miss that. :( I will see him this weekend again, and Maya yays! Maya also saw snow for the first time. It was just too cute. There are a lot of cats in the neighborhood, she sniffed everywhere in the garden haha.

A little preview of the outfit of the day.

I also got an order from someone, so I had to make a choker before I left. 

On friday, I had my last day on my internship wow. That was like almost 2 weeks ago. It's just so weird that everything goes so fast. We ate at a cafetaria and bar thingy in the area. 

On my way to home. I didn't want to leave!

Before I left, I didn't know if I would celebrate my birthday. I didn't know what to do and if people would even come to my birthday haha. A week before my birthday I sended the invitation to my friends and family. The week of my birthday was also so weird, I was free on monday I left in the evening and my mom picked me up. I got some really lovely flowers from her, I thought it was really sweet.

Lovely bouquet.

I ordered the cake with my Classmate Sanneke, she also helped me a pick the cake. I got one whole brownie cake and two parts of Monchou Cherry cake. I forgot to take pictures of the Monchou Cherry cake. :(

Food porn.


Gifts from Fallencia and my brother. I really liked this set-up. Thank you for your gifts!

Look how cute this dog Amo is! He's like a little baby. I think he also got Instagram haha, but I forgot the name.

My outfit for my birthday with the flowers my mom gave me.

Photoshoot with:
Ho Yin
Michael & me :)

Awkward family picture.


I got this from Ho Yin, Michael also got some gifts lucky him haha.

Ho Yin also made some cheese cake, he brought some stuff. It was really yummy! He's a real pro.

More polaroids.

I really had a great time with my friends. It's been a long time that I hanged out with Ho Yin, wow. Busy lives. :( It was an unforgetable birthday hehe. Thank you for all your gifts! I really appreciate it, and I really appreciate everyone that I have in my live right now. Enjoy the little things, they say. If you do, you'll be happier. It may be weird if you're not used to that, but just do whatever the hell you want!

A picture from this morning, on my way to school. Snow is everywhere!

I still can't believe the fact that I turned 19. It sounds so old, next year I'll be 20 I wonder where I will be. I still think that i'm 16, wow... But we all grow and we all are still learning. I just go with the flow and do what I like to do: blogging about my life ofcourse haha. I hope that I'll meet more awesome people, and create cool memories just like I did on my birthday. Create a little party everyday with everyone around you.

When I look back, I don't know what I've done haha. It's so weird to see that people are always just going away someday in your life. I'm really lucky to have good and close friends. It's not about the amound of friends you have but it's about how strong the friendships are. I still have a lot on my bucket list that I have to do and reach... I hope I can do it!

Oh! And when I went to school, they sang for me I thought that was really sweet of my classmates haha they're awesome people.

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