21 December 2014

I ordered this palette on October 26th, I really didn't know that it was a dupe from Urban Decay because the item thingy said: "Professional 12 Color Earth Tone Natural Nade Eyeshadow Palette w/ Brush Mirror" I know, it's a long name! I got it from Ebay for just $7.09, now the palette is $7.29. They always put weird and long names in their items when they want to sell it. Check the item here.  I finally got the palette in December, I waited for over a month. I totally forgot about the palette untill I got it haha.

The package :)

The box of the palette. I was so surprised!

The back.

The palette itself from the outside.

The back.


And... the other side.



There's this little foil over the mirror, you can just take it off like this.

And yay the colors! :)

I think the palette looks pretty good, I've read some other articles about dupes and the authenthic ones. This looks a lot like the real one, the only thing that's missing is the number on the boxes. The little stickers on the package at the back and on the box it's on the side. :)

The brushes are really soft.


I have a pretty dark skin, so you can't see some colors really well. I always have a hard time putting eyeshadow on because of my monolids and the colors don't fit my skin color. I still have to figure out how to do it. But now I have a nice palette, I will do my best to make it work haha. Or I will just stick with my eyeliner.

Lightning is a real issue here.

Look how messy it is after I used it haha.


It's not the best pigmentation, the light colors are fading away. You can't see the colors that well on my skin, these colors don't really fit my skin color haha.

I haven't really tried it on my eyes yet because I just don't have the time for that. But i'm happy with this pallette honestly, the colors are pretty. I also thought that this looked so real, the only thing that's missing is the number on the packaging.

What do you think of this dupe? Would you try it? :)

BUY HERE. $7.29

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