20 December 2014

There are two ''chinese'' restaurants in this area, and I wanted to try them both. Today i'm reviewing this one called: "Hoo Wah". I really like the buddah haha that's why he's on the header. And I went to this restaurant with Michael, he didn't want to give feedback.

We were really hungry haha.

The menu.



Fried rice and babi panggang

Casave with some fried shrimp. The next one is Cho seuy and the last one is Ku lu yuk, which is fried meat rolled in dough. I didn't like the fruit with it. It made it just too ''watery''

Fried banana.
You could still taste the dough, it wasn't ''done'' I think...

Some random pictures of the Buddah.

More food pictures!

Um... yeah, rude...

Michael :c


This is not the best Chinese food I've ever had. They also don't serve authentic chinese food at the restaurant. You can only get authentic chinese food at big cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam or Utrecht or something... So I understand that, but the fried rice wasn't fresh and it was pretty dry. You can really taste it. I didn't liked that.

You get a lot for 32 euro's. It was just alright, we couldn't ate it all so we asked the staff if we could get the leftovers. It was no problem, but it was pretty weird that the lady did it infront of our eyes. I guess it's easier.

There wasn't much to see, there weren't a lot of people on the streets and you can only see some buildings.

Not really bad, but the curtains were pretty old and you could see some dust on it.

Two people served us, one lady and I guess her daughter. Her daughter didn't say much, but the lady was nice. 

When me and Michael were waiting for our food, 2 childeren and the dad came in to pick up some Chinese food. But the childeren were so loud and annoying. The dad couldn't handle them. I really hated it, these kids were also just running around in the restaurant and to our table. The staff didn't say anything at all. It was not a good experience. That's why i'm also giving this 2 stars. I didn't liked it, eating with screaming childeren. It was just so rude, they also played with their Ipad and the music was also really loud. 

They don't have a website but you can find them if you search the restaurant on Google.

Krista Clor said...

Let's give 5 stars for the name. I can't stop saying 'hoo wah' LOL I liked it so much!

Alice Young said...

Doesn't sound like a great restaurant, especially that experience with the children running around - I hate that!

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