7 November 2014

Ok, since i'm back on Instagram. Pleated skirts are like EVERYWHERE. First it started on Tumblr, and now it's on Instagram. Skater skirts were first, and now it's pleated skirts. What's the next big skirt skirt thing that's making a comeback?

There are a lot of different types of pleated skirts. Pleats are folds of fabric sewn from the top of the skirt. It hangs from the waist to different lengths showing the pleat’s over. The greatest thing is that it looks amazing on every figure.

The explaination is from Ebay. Here's the link.

Named for their shape, box pleats resemble rows of rectangular shapes with flat pieces of fabric on either side. The wide pleat is made by tucking fabric on either side of the pleat behind it. They often puff out from the waistline a bit, creating a heavier appearance; as such, they are less formal and are best for casual wear.


Knife pleats are the kind that people typically think of when they imagine a school girl’s pleated skirt. These types of pleats are layered one over another, and all of the pleats face in the same direction and fall straight down. Knife pleats vary in size and can be wide or thin, giving them a range of possible styles. Typically, a rule of thumb is that the thinner the pleat, the more formal the skirt. Skirts with knife pleats can be appropriate for day or evening wear, depending on the fabric.


Unlike knife pleats that face in the same direction, accordion pleats are pressed into alternating directions. Each pleat is of equal width and resembles the pleats in a foldable hand fan. Accordion pleats are suitable for day or evening wear, depending on the fabric. If the pleat is used with a fine fabric, such as silk or chiffon, it can be very formal.


These types of pleats require quite a bit of fabric to be gathered at the waistline. The pleats are released at the seam or waistline to create a dramatic effect. Usually seen in evening gowns, cartridge pleats are often used with silk or chiffon fabric.

Most appropriate for dressy evening skirts, fortuny pleats are delicate, crisp pleats that were first applied to silk. Unlike cartridge pleats that are released at the seam or waistline, fortuny pleats maintain their shape as they are set into the fabric. Fortuny pleats can often be seen with silk fabrics as well as other synthetic fabrics.


I found these pictures on Pinterest and Tumblr. You can style pleated skirts really well. You can wear it girly, if you wear sandal heels with an accordion pleat skirt, a cool statement belt, cute basic top and a blazer if you want to wear it "classy" and feminine. But if you want to go for the "cool kid" outfit, you can go with a knife pleat, crop top and some sandals. 

Here are some examples how you can wear the pleated skirt trend.

Box pleated skirts can look so elegant yet so cute. There are also a lot of different variations you can make with this skirt. There are also a lot of different styles. Long box pleated skirts, and short ones, I found some outfits with different box pleat skirts.

The girls are wearing a knife pleated skirt. This is a style that a lot of people are following right now. The all black look, or the black and white look. Monochrome, minimalistic and less is better is the motto of the 21st century. With a little touch of the 90's, wearing the knife pleat skirt with a cute choker or tattoo choker and you're done for this style.

I personally think that the accordion pleat is most popular for the women and girls who likes to dress feminine and fashionable. You can style it well with classic pieces and feminine ones. Like heels, belts and don't forget the statement necklace! Or you can just keep it simple and let the pleat do the job like the last picture. The pleat has this bold pink color and this really awesome texture what the accordion pleat does. 

I will create a post about pleated skirts how to wear them in another post! :)

What pleated skirt is your favorite? And how would you style it? Or do you think this is just an ordinary trend. Let me know!

yonish said...

I love love love knife pleated skirts!
It's like high school all over again (but in Japan). I really want to try owning them since it looks so cute.

I still love skater skirts though.

Unknown said...

I love pleated skirts!

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Emi ♡ 恵美 said...

I love pleated skirts ^^

恵美より ♥

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