13 November 2014

What about buying Circle lenses from Ebay? Some people says it's so bad for your eyes and that you should buy from webshops like pinkyparadise, or what ever lens webshop. There are so many different shops you could pick! I once bought lenses from pinkyparadise but my lenses never came in.. I ordered them from a friend's friend that ordered them. It was for halloween because I wanted to do a halloween tutorial. Too bad though, I got my money back from her but I don't know if they even gave her the money back. Her lenses were in the package except mine, ugh. Maybe I just had bad luck and they didn't want me to do the halloween tutorial. Well let's see if these lenses are nice! 


You can buy different colors! But I picked Vanilla shake grey. I thought they looked pretty cool so I chose these.


Power Range: 0.00 ~ -10.00
Diameter: 19.5 mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.60
Water Content: 52%
1 year disposable

Buy here on Ebay


The shipping was pretty fast! I got it in 2/3 weeks after I paid the lenses. The seller shipped from Australia, I knew because there were a lot of Austria stamps on it. I thought it looked pretty cool. I didn't want to keep it because when I do I'll keep too much stuff on my desk. I already have too many stuff on it. 


It was packed in bubble wrap. A lot of sellers on Ebay do that. I don't know if webshops like pinkyparadise also do that.

In the bubble wrap I saw these little cute pink with gold packaging! I really like the design, it looks so cute. It also had dots on it. I saw some more reviews on the packaging but mine doesn't had a heart with transparent foil on it. It was just a box with dots, I don't know if that matters.

With flash. This is the back of the boxes.


When I opened the boxes it came with these two packages. They are separated from eachother, this is the first time I didn't had veils. 


No flashlight. The right one is the left one is the good side and the right one is the wrong side.

With flash.

Right side.

Wrong side.

I was trying another lens out and that lens really fucked up my eyes. You can see that they are red and swollen. I had tears falling like crazy, it hurted my eyes so much. I also bought these lenses on Ebay but I couldn't get refund. I will review them next week! They were black lenses. I didn't do my other eye with these lenses because my eyes really couldn't handle it.

Instagram picture I posted with these lenses on.

Swollen eye selfie for the sake of this review.


Color & Design:  

I really like the colors! The yellow really blends in with your eye and the lighting when you take pictures. But I don't recommend using flashlight because then you can see your own eyecolor. It looks like a little flower, it's so pretty.

Comfort:  These are really big circle lenses. (19.5 dm) I have small eyes and they kinda "move" in your eyes when you move your eyes to the left an right. It's really disturbing and it feels weird. These are the largest lenses I've ever tried, I was afraid that it wouldn't fit my eyes, it felt weird on my eyes and I felt the lens touching my skin? I don't know if that's the right way to say it.

Enlargement:   It really makes my eyes look bigger with my make-up on. You can see the differences on the pictures! It doesn't look that big when you compare it to my normal eyes and the lenses.

Overall: I like them! But I was pretty dissapointed when I saw the picture with flash, too bad that you could see your own eye colors while wearing them. I haven't worn them after the first try. It looks grey with room lighting so that's pretty cool.

EBAY?!?!: Why not? You can always try it out, and I just got this one for $15 which is 12 euros! Dutch webshops has these for probably 20 euros or more. This seller has fast shipping and has a lot of other different circle lenses that she/he sells. This was a really good experience. And: NO I'M NOT SPONSORED BY THIS SELLER OR EBAY OR ANTYHING.

Buy here on Ebay

Thank you for reading this review! I hope this was helpfull for you. If you have questions comment here down below or send me an e-mail. I will review the other lenses in another review. Thank you.

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