5 July 2014

After a week of three, I finally got my super adorable polaroid bag or case. There is no room for something else other than the camera. I bought the camera on Ebay for just $13.99 including shipping. Read my review for more information.

You can buy the bag here.

Here are the pictures of the packaging. There was a plastic box with the bag in it, I was pretty surprised because the sellers on ebay never ship the box with the product.

Here are some detailed pictures of the box without the plastic bubbles. There are also other colors available, you can match the bag with the color of your polaroid camera. But I didn't I thought it looks fun when it's black and white.

This is what you get for the money.

It's pretty hard to put your camera in the bag, but it's harder to get the camera out of the bag. You can't take pictures with the case over your camera, because you have to click on the "on" button. I tried a little too hard when I wanted to take the camera out of the bag. The fabaric is strong but if you want to take the camera out of the bag, you screw the material. I think it's made of PU leather, that's fake leather. I'm happy with the product, I was searching forever for the perfect case or bag for my polaroid camera.

You can buy the bag here.

Dascha Boonstra said...

So cool!!


Carmen Varner said...

This is chic & versatile. Very cute! :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

Rainbow N said...

This is gorgeous <3 Thank you for sharing!
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