3 June 2014

Since I found out how ebay works, i became a total addict. I'm like scrolling forever to find the best things. Maybe you know what i'm talking about if you have experienced it. When I was scrolling through all those pages, I found a lot of look-a-likes on ebay for a cheaper price. A lot of things are fake, I really know that but what's better than a good price? I'm a budget blogger, so why don't I share these look-a-likes with you!

Nope, i'm not getting sponsored or anything. I like to share my thoughts and things that I found with the people who are visiting my blog. It's up to you if you like it or not.

What do you think of those look-a-likes or rip-off's. There are a lot of words for those fakes haha. A lot of people know that the thinks on ebay are fake, and that you shouldn't buy them because of the material or how it's made. It's true that the sizes are different because they're using asian sizes. 
The shipping is also really bad, because it takes forever to get here.

Unknown said...

Love all the pieces!

Sarah x

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