2 June 2014

Trying to find original and cool looking hair clips? Here's one.. or no two! I'm loving them so badly and they look really good. It reminds me of "Flinstones", that serie was on Cartoon Network. I really liked that serie though, I always watched it when I was at my grandmom. Because we didn't had Cartoon Network at home. Those were times!

Here you can see an example how to wear those cute bone hairclips. They are pretty big and so cute. There are other colors, but if you want to buy them you get random colors. I was really happy when I got a black and white one. You can also wear two high ponytails, you can put them on the elastic just what I did on the picture. 

Some detailed pictures of the hairclips.

I can't find the link for those cute hairclips on the store But there are tons of other cool hair products on their website.

They also have these cool skeleton hand hairclips. I got the same on ebay, I should review them for you. Those are also a really cool statement for your hair. If you're interested in buying those cool items, use my coupon code for a 10% off from the webshop

My coupon code is: JUNT10

Irene Papadopoulou said...

love it! so cute!


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