Art History

19 March 2014

Here's an update what I made in my Art History classes. Every week, we have to make a drawing on paper in the same art style in that time period. We go from the then to now.

We started with the wall drawings from the prehistory. The teacher also explains in every lesson what happend in that time period, what was normal and what not. It's interesting! But at some point in the lesson, mostly at the end of the lesson. We get bored and we want to go home. We have to make the drawings at home!

This is my first drawing that I send in, I got a 9.

This was from Mesopotamia. The teacher thought this wasn't really from this time period, he said that it was more Egyptian. I got a 8,3.

Don't forget Egypt! I really love the wonderful colors that they used back then. The drawings are so detailed and lovely. I also got a 8,3 for this one.

It was so hard to make this, I tried several times to re-create the drawings from the Greeks/Romans. I love the black and red pottery, with the drawings.

Jessica said...

wauw prachtige tekeningen! Mooi cijfer! :D

Suzanne said...

heeel goed gedaan!

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