The Most Popular Girls in School

20 January 2013

Hi my loves,

I saw some pictures though my dashboad on Tumblr, and I totally love it. And then I finally found this awesome YouTube channel where it's from! This one was so genius.

Watch episode 1.

Episode 5.

There are more much funny episode out there, you have to see them all. I was dying from laughing haha. I'm at the moment at episode 10 hihi. Have fun watching... and laughing. ;)

Lara Takahashi said...

Omg lol :D Creepy :D:D:D!!!!!!!
x, Lara

Jenniya said...

That's funny.


samwow said...

omg i have been looking for the source of these pics for soo long!!! Thanks! xxx

Mocha Daily said...


Love it! I will watch all:) Thanks for sharing!


Louise said...

Lol, that is hilarious! Slightly creepy... but it's hilarious!!

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