What to wear today: RAW &nd Chic

19 November 2012

Hi my loves,

When I think about  autumn and winter I think about: leather, raw, rock, studs and spikes. It's like the contrary of Spring and Summer. Because it's cold, grey, and so dark when you wake up in the morning. It's like the darkest season. But not only the darkest things come up in my head... when I think about December you'll get a lot of party's. People are celebrating their birthday's, there's thanksgiving in USA, christmas, and celebrating new year ofcourse! So I thought let's mix and match things up. Some raw items with chic items! And I didn't used silver in it, because I looove gold. Gold is like an expensive colour, it's glamourous. But you can also use Silver in your outfit if you don't like gold that much like I do, it may be over the top for some of you guys. I think it's gorgeous when you use gold accents with leather. It's not that heavy raw, it makes your outfit look more classy. You can also spice your outfit up with some skulls or  accessories.
Bustier top with studs €60 Topshop - Black and white blazer €280 Tedbaker-london.com - Grew zebra printed fur jacket €6990 stylebob.com Roberto Cavalli - Leather pants €125 asos.com - Leather skirt €50 warehouse.co.uk - Gold bracelet €55 Juicycouture.com - Skull earrings €43 houseofharlow1960.com - Gold necklace €580 lindelepalais.com - Fake stretchers gold €51 stefanibags.com - Green hat €305 farfetch.com - Sunglasses €11 ocshades.com

You don't have to wear this green in this outfit, but I came up with this colour when I searched for some fur items. You can make your outfit a little bit softer with fur items like I did. This fur jacket is from Roberto Cavalli, if I got the money for it. I would bought it, ha! :p But if you think that the jacket is a little too much, you can also put a fur scarf, or little details for it. You can mix and match everything with everything. A little bit this with a little piece of that can make your outfit nice without being over the top. I think I fell in love with those leather pants with holes in it. I see those everywhere, it's really gorgeous and spicy. It's a little bit different from those destroyed jeanspants I guess. Those pants are a little more classy. You can also find those as leggings. I think that you'll found those pants/leggings everywhere in a little while. Everyone loves them. ;)

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

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