Bye november, hi december

30 November 2012

Hi my loves,

The month is over: Movember. The month that the mans are letting their moustaches on their faces. They are putting the mans with health diseases on the spotlight. But... that month it over, and it's getting colder and colder. I hate it... the cold months, I miss my shorts, cropped shirts, and my lovely thights... but on the other side. I love the feeling, like I said before. I want snow! I look forward to it, and the big party's with my family. Celebrating new years eve, I can't wait! And yes, I changed a lot those years. I know that I don't post a lot of my life and myself, because this is a fashion blog after all. Haha, but don't worry I will in the future. I think it's good that i'm putting more about myself in it. Because I don't want to be all a fashion blog, it's important because you guys also love fashion right? Well, I hope that you understand this.

I'm proud of myself, that I did my blog all alone... I had a little help here and there, but you have to do that right? You can't make those pictures on your own... well I did it on the beginning... with my laptop. But now, I got a nikon camera, and.. a new laptop. Everything new, and new clothes! I got this blog for 8 months now, I guess. And I know that I didn't posted a lot in the beginning, in the summer was this blog dead. But now i'm more inside and i'm blogging more for you guys. So stay tuned and I'll post more and more. Don't forget to follow me. I'm proud that I got 1000 views in 1 month. I think because I post more last month. And  i'm curious what I got this month haha. Who knows.

And you guys know that i'm busy with thrifting, I actually love it. Even though some people think it's gross... but you can clean everything, right? And I think it's better when you recycle clothes, you can sell your old clothes too on those thift stores or you can sell it on ebay or something. And some people also buy second hand things on ebay with a brand. But you don't always have to do that, I also thought that I would never wear second hand clothes. But I do now, I changed my mind. It's also cheaper! Well, it may be imperfect.. but you can make a whole new garderobe with thrifted items. So now i'm making a list of thrift stores in The netherlands, and then i'm going to visit them. Some are great, like in those big cities. I only saw pictures of it, but i've never been there. I only visited my local secondhand shop... which is also great! So don't underestimate those shops. They are nice. Just watch and see, you don't always have to buy something right? I bought lately an army jacket for €2,50!! Amazing right?! So.. you never know what you'll get, it's always a big surprise.

This was the jacket which I bought. And I know, it's a big mess in the background... in my room. Mweh, but they are fabrics which I bought on the fabricshop, omg I didn't even showed you guys. Well... you'll see what  i'm doing with it later so don't worry about that haha.. I shouldn't worry. ;)

My wishlist for December:

  • Big black leather bag 
  • Laptop case
  • Some nice beanies, it's getting colder! 
  • Some nice pair of gloves... same reason as the beanies. I love beanies by the way.
  • Black boots/heels
  • A new coat
  • Video camera!!! NEED NEED NEED.
  • Polaroid camera

Hmmm.. and I don't know what i'm gonna find at those thriftstores which i'm gonna visit. I don't know!!!! But I hope that I can find those things on my wishlist. Oh, and yes.. I want those camera's.. especially the polaroid, I love those camera's. Even though they are so oldschool, they are adorable. But the rolls are expensive, ugh. But it's worth the money.

Well, I hope that December is good to me. I have a lot of work to do, and I have to clean my room.. again! And do my laundry, i'm feeling like a housewife. I'm secretly married with a cat that I don't have.

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

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