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17 April 2017

Spring or summer outfit inspiration, you can call it whatever you want, because in The Netherlands it's nowhere near spring or summer. It's more like winter here.


For some days it might be a little too warm to wear a sweater, but it's perfect for the colder days in the summer. If you don't like sweaters as much as I do, you can also trade it in for a shirt. Plain shirts or with prints will both do!


The bag is the most adorable bag i've ever seen! I think it looks perfect in an outfit like this. I would put the striped blouse inside ofthe skirt and wear this outfit with black tights or fishnet tights. 


Embroidered things on jeans or jackets are a huge thing now, Shein has a lot of different pieces with cute embroidery. It can give the outfit a cute look. For this outfit I went for a kind of bohemian style.


How can I make an outfit inspiration post without fancy buckle boots? This one is to die for! In this outfit you can see that I clearly went for the black, dark green and burgundy color scheme. I just love the skirt with the buttons! It makes every outfit so cute.


It was a "shock" at first for a lot of people: the transparent heels. You hate them or you love them. First I also thought they were quite weird to look at, but I saw transparent shoes before. They were not as weird as the heels. I think that you can make everything work, how weird they may look like.

I love making outfits like this, I just wish I could have them all haha. Let me know what you think of these outfits I created. Which one is your favorite?

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