20 September 2016

Who doesn't love icecream? I think almost everyone does. Summer is over and fall is coming. The hot weather is finally over here in The Netherlands. It was too hot but I think this fall will be better than summer. The sun is great now. Luckily for us, it's not raining all day so we can still wear skirts. Lately I've been in love with long A-line skirts just like this one.

I found all these items on the website NewChic, they have a budget proof fashionable items in the store. This whole outfit is from the store, which is amazing. Just like I love A-line skirts, I also love tops like this black one. I think this outfit is made for two kinds of people, people who like to look effortless and chic, or casual. You can also wear sneakers underneath the skirt, that's what i've been doing this whole summer. First, I was weirded out because I was not used to wear sneakers underneath a skirt. I think you have to try it out for yourself first and then you will know if it will look good or not. I'm a pretty short person, so I thought it won't look great at all.


I also have a discount code for you: "Arriana" for a 20% off at NewChic.
The coupon code valid until 2017 Jan. 22th.


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