1 September 2016

Thank you Yona for bearing with me, taking these pictures haha.


Sorry for the lack of blogging, life's a rollercoaster right now. The first introduction week for school is done! I survived. I am still alive. The school looks really cool, we got a tour on all the departments they got. I can't wait to start! 

I wore this outfit when we were in Paris, ohhhhhh I just can't over the architecture and the vibes. It's been... 2/3 weeks already? Everyone should totally visit it, they got great places you should totally visit. Like: the Louvre museum, it's one of the famous museas in Europe. 

My outfit is really chic, the dress i'm wearing is from 27dress. It's the second dress I got from them, and their dresses are just amazing! They have this dress in different colors, such as blue, black, bright pink etc. I picked this pastel pink dress because I love pink! I really needed a cute chic looking dress, and this is the perfect one. It's not too short, but you shouldn't bend down haha. I would recommend wearing a short underneath it. The size is perfect! I am usually an XS, but I picked the size S because they didn't had XS. I don't know about the other sizes, but if you have the same size as me it would be totally fine! (Oh.. and i'm not really tall either haha) I also got a shiny diamond looking thing, you could pin-up on the dress. I didn't put it up because I thought it was a little too much.

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yona l said...

dress looks pretty on u
and u look cute here ^^

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