13 December 2015


Yep. I'm in love with this fluffy sweater. Perfect for the cold spring and winter. I love to wear this sweater to school, and home. It's super comfy, and really adorable. It's not one color, but two! Grey and white, I don't have a lot of grey colored things but I really like this mix. I have 4 fluffy sweaters in my garderobe right now, and I think i'm going to buy some more fluffy things because I can't get enough! Totally a must have for the winter. This trend started last year or something, and stores still sell them. You should totally get one! This one is super cheap, and it's also one size. It feels like a size M, but i'm not sure. I normally have XS or S, and it's a bit baggy for me which is fine and comfortable.

I also got this really cute short from CNDIRECT, I always needed a cool looking ripped denim shorts in black. I only wore skirts and other colored shorts in the summer, but I really needed a black one. And I think this is the perfect black ripped off denim shorts. It doesn't has a lot of ripping on it, but you can also create more if you want. This short makes your outfit really cool!

I hope you have a great weekend, it went really fast. So enjoy life everyday!! Tomorrow I will post the look a likes from ebay post :)

Jillian W said...

Love it! Your hair is beautiful as well!

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