25 November 2015

It's review time! Three weeks ago I ordered some awsome items from In this post i'm going to talk about this really pretty ring. It's called: ''Crystal moon ring''. It has like this really pretty amethysts stone on it, and a gold moon. I'm so excited to show you all the pictures, and my thoughts about it.


Here's some handy information I got from the description box of the product.

Material: alloy
Diameter: 1.7cm

Price: $4.20

I thought the pictures were so pretty of the ring! I know.. bad quality with a lot of pixels, but I just fell in love with it! I've never really seen anything like this before. 


And... I was so happy when I finally got the package! This is how it looks like in real life. I think it looks way better than on the pictures.

My hand is really ugly, so please don't mind that haha.


It's time to rate the ring! 

Fast shipping! I got it in 3 weeks. 

It's really strong, I think it doesn't really break, but you can move the ring a little to the inside if you have small fingers. 

It's one size, so that's always a little bit risky. They put the size in the description box, but I don't really know how big/thick my finger is. The ring itself is a little too big for my tiny fingers, but I can wear it on a normal day and it won't fall off my finger.

I totally loveeeeeee this ring! I'm so in love, it's so pretty. It looks so much better in real life than on the pictures they are showing us on the website. I recommend everyone getting this ring. The ring isn't too big and not too small for me. But I think it will be too small for people who have thicker fingers. I tried to move the ring a little, but i'm not that strong haha. I don't think that everyone can fit this ring, and that they have to measure their fingers first. 

The shipping is fast! It came all the way from China to The Netherlands, in just 3 weeks or shorter. The ring isn't that expensive either, and I think it's just a normal price for a ring. But It's super cheap for a goregous ring like this! 10/10 would recommend. :)

        GET HERE

If you like the ring as much as me, you can get the same one at the store! I also have a discount code for you: ''Junt10'', and you're ready to go with the 10% off! It is valid at any time with any products (except the discounted items) on the jewelry accessory page. You can check the page here.

Price: $4.20

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