26 September 2015


I really like to play with backgrounds and edits these days, it's just really fun to do! And it makes the picture so interesting. I photoshopped myself in this anime school background today. I think I really fit in this theme, because the people in the background are also wearing white and blue-ish clothes.

The white collar i'm wearing here looks so cute! I don't have to wear a blouse underneath my sweaters anymore, it also makes you a little bit thicker because of the layers. But I don't need to have that anymore becuase of this cool collar! I got this from CN DIRECT, a chinese webshop. There's also one in black, but I prefer white because I already got a lot of black clothes and sweaters.

It looks like i'm wearing a collar dress with the white collar and the white skirt. I'm also really loving the platform sneakers i'm wearing. It's the first pair I ever got, but it's so fabulous and it looks so cool with every outfit!

yona l said...

omg it really is cute!! how did you even manage to that kind of edit? super cool. it must have taken a lot of time.

btw, nice outfit and cool shoes! they look good with those shoes.

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