20 August 2015

School has started. It's been 3 days already, and I want to go back when I still had my holiday. But I can't wait what's coming this school year, I have to get an internship again. I might need my own advice I gave you guys in this post. I'm wondering where I will be doing my internship, because it would be in the end of this school year, and when it's finished i'm also done with school! Like what? Things are crazy right now, I have to find a good internship for my last year of school.. I still don't know what I will be doing next year, but I still want to study. The only thing that I don't know is that I need to find a place for myself and find a good school.. Wish me luck!

My last year's back to school post: Back to school outfits 2014.

At first, I wanted to create a 90's outfit with the top. But it's a bit overrated right now, so I changed the skirt into a burgundy skater skirt instead fo a black one. And I added this really cool looking brown leather backpack. I think it looks awesome with this outfit. The backpack looks ''old'' and vintage which is really cool! 

I forgot to put shoes on this outfit. But I think you probably know what kind of shoes you need to wear with this outfit. Ofcourse: sneakers! Or you could pick slip-on shoes. Both would look amazing! 

I love cute-looking outfits lately. The dark grey and pastel pink skater skirt makes it look interesting, I added a cute printed zig-zag bag to it and these amazing sunglaesses. I think that the sunglasses really fit this outfit. 

YES. I'M SORRY. I FORGOT THE ADD THE SHOES AGAIN. I'm so clumsy sometimes, people in real life would really know that. I just love adding accessories to the outfit, that's probably why I keep forgetting the shoes.

I'm loving this outfit, pastels are the best. The cheer you really up! If you look at this outfit, you would get crazy because there are so many bright colors. But it's not too bright, it's just the right amount. 

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