WHAT TO WEAR: Palm trees 4

24 June 2015

Trends always come back. ALWAYS. I just got a mail from a webshop in my mailbox about palm trees. I couldn't remember when I created a post about palmtrees, so I found my old ''What to wear posts'' from last year. I'm going to continue these series! It's been a year already, since it's summer. I can create new outfits with palm trees again!

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The 4th outfit of the series is this one. A really cute white dress with these palm tree leaves and flowers in different colors on the end of the dress. It keeps the outfit clean, and fun! If you are afraid to wear some print, this dress is the perfect fit for you!

I looked at the colors of the dress and I used them in the accessories. It really helped me pick the items. The shoes are casual black Birkenstock sandals, they were a hit few years back. I heard that they were really comfortable and from a good quality. I never wore them, because I always thought they were ugly. Times changes, and now I think they are pretty cute! You can wear them with a lot of different outfits, they are simple and clean. It's so weird that you find things ugly in the past and now pretty. I think it's because we grow and see things differently. 

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