1 March 2015

When I kinda started this blog (16), I started to wear this trend: Single earrings. It sounds rediculous if you think about it, single earrings. The one that i'm wearring on the picture below is one that I created myself. It's like an earcuff! This trend wasn't really in The Netherlands yet, I couldn't find awesome earcuffs in the city so I created them myself!

And now.. after a few years it's back! Statement earrings, earcuffs, single earrings, wow it's all coming back on trend. Look at these brands for example:

Earring: Celiné.

I found some awesome earcuffs on Ebay for a much cheaper price. The only thing what's so annoying about earcuffs is, there is just one size and you can't try it out in the shop or something. I have like 5 amazing earcuff pieces that I bought, but they don't fit my ear because it's too little. Like: really? And you can't adjust them.

What I also did a lot in my ''younger years'', which was a few years ago haha. Just buy one pair of amazing earrings and just wear one! Or one long earring and one little earring.

If you're familiar with my blog, you already know that I always put the link of the item down below the picture.

What do you think of this trend? Have you spotted someone with one of these? Share your thoughts.

paula mcclelland said...

Love the single earring trend - its less "dressed up"
I however do not have my ears pierced! #gasp.

♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

Rebecca Turner said...

I love earrings like this! Especially the cross styles :) Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

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