26 February 2015

Spring break is coming! It´s time for a spring trend report for 2015. I know that we already know what would come this spring and summer from the catwalk last year. But I always want to post these post when it´s really time for it. People read and then forget, so here´s the trend report for 2015. This is the third time that I created this trend report thingy for the spring.

I was so stupid that I deleted all my pictures on my picasa album on my google account because all my pictures of my blog was on this. The text I wrote are still there so you can still read what the trends were.

Other Spring trend reports on the blog

It´s just so weird to see that everything is always coming back on trend in fashion. I don´t know how or why they do this, i´m wondering if something new will come in fashion that no one created yet. I don´t even know what´s NOT already made. I think you have to study a lot fashion to know this. But as you can see in the spring trend report of 2013 I created, you also saw kimonos on the catwalk. It´s now back again just like the color blocking trend or the minimalistic black and white trend. I don´t think that the last one would ever go away. I also love outfits with only black and white or with a color that pops out of the outfit! I created a few collages with the trends I´ve seen, and with the designer brand besides it. I wanted to create a magazine feeling on this post.

Doesn't this look like the coolest trend ever? I mean look at the gorgeous handwork, it's just amazing how they create such beautiful things on the catwalk. It's all about the little details here. Michael Kors greated such an awesome collection for S/S 15! With lots of midi skirts, and 3D hand work. 

Wear the 3D texture trend yourself with one of these items for example.

I always think about the movie Devils wears Prada where the editor says: Flowers for spring? Ground breaking. I honestly love that movie, it's well made and it shows you kind of the reality. How hard the fashion world can be.

Flowers always come back whether it's for spring or fall, you will always see it on the streets and they always make a comeback. Some people wear it throughout the year.

Missing Flirty flower dresses in your warderobe? Shop here. 

Bold stripes are back! Just like polka dots (scroll down). They never really did go out of fashion, I always liked to wear them. A few years ago I bought one pair of striped jeans from H&M. I almost wore it everyday, it looked so good with everything. I really loved to wear it with bold colors. For example look at DKNY, they used a lot of orange and dark blue. Black and white is also a great combination for this print.

Get items with the stripe print.

Who doesn't love polkadots! They're are so cute and so 60's. :)


Happy bold colors, you have to try it out. The black and white fashion killa, less is more look is still trending on streets and social media. I also love to wear it, but sometimes I also like to wear bold popping colors that makes your eyes hurt. Because don't worry if it doesn't look great with eachother, you will still look hot. Just kidding. Look at these catwalk looks, designers created.

If you don't like to wear bold colors with bold colors you can always just tone it down with some pastel colors. And if you don't really care? Just dare to wear it. I love it! Colorblocking and pop art is back.

What trend do you like the most? There are lots of more trends upcoming spring, I will also create some How to wear posts on how to wear these awesome trends with sets that I created. Be ready for it! I can't wait to show it to you.

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