25 February 2015

ModCloth is an American online retailer specializing in vintage, vintage-inspired and indie clothing, accessories and decor. They sell items from numerous different brands, and every day they offer new products. In addition to original items, they sell single authentic vintage items from various eras past. 

They asked me to create outfits with layers, only with ModCloth's products! I like how they used different type faces in their website, it looks so cute just like the clothing they're selling. I didn't want to create just one outfit, because I love to create outfits in different styles. I saw a lot of great cute statement bags on ModCloth. Take a look at these cuties.




I really wanted to make a look with one of these bags, so I did. I never know what kind of outfit will come out when I style/create the outfits I post on my blog. I just try things out and see if it works.

Princess lolita style. This picture came from Tumblr.

First I picked the dress because I liked the satin bow in the middle and the bottom. The dress itself is cute enough, but because we use layers in here. I picked this flirty skirt to wear it over the dress. So we only use the top and the bow instead of the whole dress. After that I chose this cute cardigan, you wear over the dress and the skirt. I really like the little details on the sleeves. To make this outfit really work, I added this amazing icecream bag that I love from the website. This outfit kinda reminds me of the sweet lolita and the princess lolita style. It's not really over the top lolita style but kind of in the middle of it.

Inspired by this outfit. This picture is from Pinterest.

The next outfit is more classy and something you can wear to work or dinner. I picked this elegant dress with a tiny black belt, it has little gold details in the middle. Here we also wear the skirt over the dress. You can choose to wear a little necklace or a statement necklace. I really think that the turquoise colored statement necklace fits the purple dress. These two colors matches eachother well. I didn't want to create a boring work look. This is why I added this knitted cardigan to this outfit. It makes this outfit less boring and serious.

This is the last outfit I created with ModCloth items. This is something I would definetly wear. Just a simple black outfit with little details, like: color and fringes. I really like the straps of the dress, if you would only wear the dress these would stand out so much! Here i'm putting this top with little fringes over the dress. It creates a nice dimension. 

I didn't add any accessories with this outfit, because the little details of the clothes made this outfit perfect. I only chose this cute hand and shoulder bag with gold details and burgundy color for this outfit. With some red lipstick and nailpolish you're ready to go!


I really enjoyed creating these looks. It was a bit of a challenge because it has to layer with eachother, but I like how every outfit came out. Which one do you like the most?

You can buy a lot of cute cardigans on their site, check them here.

Miss Sunshine Sparkle said...

You've put together some lovely outfits. Love the ice-cream one super girly x
Danielle ||Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

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