7 February 2015

Me and my classmate Sanneke went at lunchtime to H&M. And ofcourse, there was sale! I bought some little things like a little make-up bag, and some rings and these turned out to be rings for your toes. I've never worn them but I think it's really uncomfortable, it also looks really uncomfortable haha. I'll just wear them as ''normal'' rings. Rings for your fingers haha.

I got the bag for 2 euro's, the nailwrap for one euro and the rings also for one euro. Everything was just so cheap, i'm going to use the bag for my pencils and pens for school.

The original price was 3.95 euros, if it wasn't on sale I wouldn't buy it. There are a lot of stickers or wraps, whatever you call it on the market now. I've never really tried them because they were so expensive or not in my style. So basically, this was my first time trying these nail stickers.

Close-up pictures.

First I started with a base coat of OPI. I got this one on my 17th birthday from my niece, it came with the Gwen Stefani Push & Shove from OPI. My nails break all the time, it's really annoying and it looks ugly. If I wear nailpolish, and my nails are going to chip my nails are breaking off too. For this review, I first filed my nails and then I putted the OPI base coat on.

After filing my horrible nails, I putted black nail polish on my nails (2 coats) from HEMA.

And then I tried to put on the sticker. It looks better if I did it the other way, so the curve is on the beginning of my nails. Because I will just cut the ends off.

The end result. It looks really messy. 

With the nail stickers and my new rings.

This is the second day having the wraps on. It looks pretty awesome on this picture to be honest. I was on my way to Michael. :)

It looks really awesome! I love the metallic look, and the fact that the colors change if you move your hands. 

You don't really feel them on your nails/hands, even if you messed it up like me.

The material is pretty thick and it stays on your nails. You can't just pull it of.

I think you really need to take the time to make it perfect. I was just really lazy, and it was my first time trying this sort of thing out. It's been 3 days already, and the sticker didn't come off. But it can chip, like every nailpolish and things that you put on your nails. I didn't use a top coat, because I think that would ruin the sticker you'll never know right? I would never buy this nail wrap/sticker for 3.95, that would be a waste of money in my eyes. One euro is a good price if you want to try something new.

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