14 January 2015

Oh, oh. Socks, I always lose one of them and end up wearing two different printed ones hahaha. I really need to do my laundry well and not ending up losing them. It just happens.

There are a lot of different prints that you can pick! You can't even imagine what kind of cool 3D printed socks they have on Ebay. From dollar bills to pizza haha.

1 pair
$1.35 DONUT

This is how they look like. They're wrapped in this little plastic bag.

The back.

You can't pick a size, the socks are onesize. They're a bit small for me, I got EU size 36. You can see that the print is fading away because the sock is stretching itself. The print is "printed" on the sock itself, I guess that's why it's fading like this. You can still see what it is, but it doesn't look that pretty like in the plastic.


The shipping was normal, I got it after 2/3 weeks after I paid for the socks. The packaging was okay, it's what I always get. And Socks are not breakable or something haha.

I won't recommend people to buy these socks if they have a larger size than EU 38. It's also a small for my feet honestly.

I love the print when you don't wear it haha, but socks are meant for wearing them and not putting it in your closet. 

I wore the socks once and washed it once. The bottom became really ugly, the side where you walk on right. You know when there's too much friction on some clothes, little parts of fabric come together and they form little "balls". Well there were so many! I think you can just use it once or twice and just throw it away. Or if you're not bothered by it, you can use it just like regular socks. You could also remove these by hand or with a special tool. I don't know what's called, but it's there! I don't have one and i'm too lazy to do it by hand, it's just so much work.

The design is cute, but when you wear it it's stretching the print out. It's nice when you look from far away haha. And the second thing is that it may be too small for some people.

1 pair
$1.35 DONUT

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