29 January 2015

Last year I went to this restaurant called: ''Nieuwe Oosten'' a chinese restaurant. I didn't had the time to write about it. Now I got finally time to write about it! I went again this year but I didn't took pictures. I will just write about the first time.

It was so funny that they got the same place mats in the restaurant as now my uncle's restaurant and they also got the old chairs they had. Before my uncle got the restaurant, my mom had it and before my mom had it my aunt had it haha. So complicated right?

Michael got Jasmine tea, they didn't used leaves but tea bags. He didn't really liked it.

We sat at the window, they got huge plants in the vases. 

Blurry random picture. I like the mirrors on the wall with the black under it.

We waited about 15 minutes or so after we ordered our food. It's called: ''Joyful dinner''. I don't know why haha.

Here's the list with everything:

- Fried Rice
- Babi Pangang
- Foe Yong Hai
- Satay
- Chicken mix (I don't know the exact name)

Some random pictures.

After we were done with our dinner, Michael 


I like the food! Especially the fried rice, it was fresh and warm. You could really taste it.

This was hella cheap, you get a lot for this money!

The view isn't that pretty. You can see people walking, or on their bikes and cars. There isn't much to see honestly. There are also too much plants on the windowsill.

I really love the mirrors with the black. It's lovely.

The clothing is sloppy but the people are nice.

This restaurant doesn't have a website. 

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