1 December 2014

When I was just shopping with Michael at the city. Just getting some winter clothes, scarves and stuff like that. After the shopping spree we craved for food, so we ended up to eat at this cute little restaurant called "De kamer". Translated it's: Restaurant "The room". It was in the middle of the plaza. I think it's called like this because the whole restaurant is in one room? I don't know. But it's really cute.

We chose a table in the corner of the room. At that time it wasn't really filled with people. The restaurant is also a gallery with paintings which are for sale.

This is what the menu looks like from the outside.


I like the decoration. The paintings are also really nice, the artist used many layers

What a gorgeous chandelier.

I really like the vibe of this restaurant. It's clean and has an oldschool feeling to it. They used a lot of green colours with dark wood.

After taking some pictures of the restaurant and choosing our drinks we ordered this menu. It has 3 courses, you could pick for each one another dish.

I got my hot choclate with some whipped cream. Oh god, I didn't know what to do with that chocolate. Later I figured I had to put it in the milk. I forgot hahaha. :(

More random pictures of the restaurant.

This was the first thing that we got. I don't know what it's called but it tasted pretty good together. I've never had something like this before.

After that we got some French bread with herb butter

We both picked the wrap with salad and other stuff.. Oh I always forget what's in the dish. But this was so delicious.

I got some beef with mushroom sauce.

Michael got some fish I think.

Side dishes.


Broccoli with garlic sauce.

Raspberry. This was super sweet but really yummy.

Whipped cream, with chocolate icecream and "stroopwafel" (Dutch kind of cookie) icecream.

A blurry picture from the outside.


The food was great! It's not a lot food what they serve on one plate, but everything is served perfectly. It was just the right amount, I couldn't eat everything because
It was so delicious, and I want to go for a second time.

What a good price for this lovely dinner. And they got a wireless ATM thing, where you can

This 4/5 courses dinner was really cheap! You can choose for other dishes, and create your own menu. But then you have to pay per dish.

The restaurant is in the middle of the plaza, but the view wasn't that great. Because of the fact that the zoo is under construction which is near this restaurant. The whole city is under constuction basically.

I really love this interior, it was really nice with this sweet vintage touch to it. But it's not too much. I also like the fact that it's a gallery. Art and delicious food, how good! I really wished that I had my camera with me, because the restaurant is just too cute to be real haha.

They were really friendly. They always said what we got, the only thing is that when we needed them we had to go to the staff because they were really busy all the time. But that's common.

I would definitely go to this restaurant again, loved the food it was just enough and the interior was great!

         MICHAEL'S RATING       


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