19 November 2014

Now it's time to review these lenses. Well, you may have seen and read some posts about this one because.. oh you will read and see!


Phantasee one day fancy lens

Diameter: 14mm
Water content: 45% 
Soft lenses
Daily lenses
55% Terpolymer immerssed in sterile buffered saline solution

$18.59 + $3.62 SHIPPING


Shipping was super fast! I got this one in one week after I paid the lenses with paypal. The seller sended it from France as you can see on the listing the description is all in French. I had to translate everything before ordering haha. And I live in The Netherlands, so it's pretty close to France. It really depends on where you live and where the seller lives/ships. I was happy with the shipping!


The box were packed in a bubble wrapped envelope like I think almost every Ebay seller does that. I've ordered a lot on Ebay and they always pack the packages with bubble wrap.

When I opened the package this box looked like this! It's in English and not in French thank god haha. I was really bad in French classes.

This is what the lenses looked like.



Yeah I got other lenses in the eyes with make-up. I had no problems with that one. And just look at my eye. You can see that I already got red eyes with the lenses on.

Pictures with flash.

The right eye is with the black lenses.


Ok. I messaged the seller about the problem with these lenses and my eyes. I mean, do they think i'm lying? I don't know who is responding to my messages, but I know a lot about businesses and services. They should always give the customers the right and not the wrong. I mean wow, they said that I had to read the instruction for use. I did let the contacts in soft eyelenses solution for a day, maybe even longer. And they said that "it is impossible to have the same problem on both contacts" and even said "We sold serveral thousands of this product and never had a problem. First why should I be willing to use the other contact lenses to, when the other one really fucked up my eyes. They were so swollen and red, it hurted my eyes so much. And second: Maybe one of these several thousand is shit. That can happen, that's alright. But why doesn't the seller admit it? Well... the service, it's shit. I really won't recommend these lenses as you can see. Thank you for the service and you're welcome for this review.



I thought this black lens would cover my brown eyes. Not really, it only looks good with NO FLASH.

This lens moves around on your eye, and it's so disturbing. The lens is big and I can feel my lens on my skin. You can see how it's moving on the pictures. It doesn't stay on the right place, or maybe it's just my eyes.

It makes your eye looks bigger, that's for sure. It looks good with room lighting, Only then it looks like you got creepy black eyes.

Yeah, I won't recommend these lenses. They hurted my eyes so much and the seller doesn't want to give me refund. Meh. What a bad service. 10/10 won't ever buy again.

$18.59 + $3.62 SHIPPING

The review on my other lens.

Julia Rose said...

Thank you for the review! Too bad the lenses hurted your eyes! Normally the seller would give a refund, I wouldn't give them positive feedback!

As we know you're Dutch, we don't expect your English to be perfect, but there are a few points that can be improved by reading your texts over and over! Don't get me wrong, I don't want to be rude or something and I know my English isn't perfect either :)

The text says, "... this is how it looks like" in proper English, you should use 'what' instead of 'how' and I bet you know the difference between your and you're, but in the last paragraph before the rating, you're using the one instead of the other.
Again, I don't want to be rude, but help you and keep up the quality :D


Haeme Robecca said...

That sucks it hurt!! Ps- let me know if you would like to follow each other! xx

Kati said...

Wow, these look quite mesmerizing! But they really should not move around, I bet it is not good for your eyes...


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