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9 July 2014

Lately i'm so addicted to the game The Sims 3, I got all the packages and I can't just have enough. It's just too fun to play and I like to create new family's/house holds. Creating new faces with cute outfits. The people I create look just too adorable, and the clothing that people make for Sims are really good. It's real art I think, they put a lot of effort into the things they make. It almost looks real!

Look at my latest family that I created. They are posing so fabulous, I can't even. The only thing that I did was buying a house for them, but that's it. I didn't play this family yet. I got too many to take care of haha. It's really funny when you got every package of The Sims 3. You don't know what will happen, and you can do much more than just the basic game.

You can create those "Super naturals" like an Alien, Wolf, Fairy, Vampire or more. You can also become one of them I don't know how, but it just happens. If you got every game, you can also travel in time to go to the future or the present. It's really awesome!

 She looks so weird when she is posing.

 You can take "Romantic selfies". This looks so weird.

These two lives in the same appartment, and they're boyfriend and girlfriend. So there was a new guy in the building, the guy wanted to give the girl flowers and the boyfriend was just laughing. He was doing nothing. He was like, ha I don't care let me just make some food i'm hungry. I thought it was pretty funny so I made this screen shot haha.

I also heard that Sims 4 is coming, and I can't wait to play the new Sims! They created so many new things in the game. It's coming out in November this year. I think I will share more funny things that happens on my game haha.

Brittany Ting said...

hahah this post made me LOL (:


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