24 March 2014

Waaah, aliens are everywhere! This print is maybe a little bit creepy, but I love it! I wanted an oversized sweater. I got like 10 or so.. I can't get enough. So I ordered this sweater instead of my regular size (S), the size M. I think it fits better when this sweater is oversized. It's warm and lovely to wear, for a school day for example.

This sweater is from Persunmall, and the quality is just like normal knitted sweaters. What or who is persunmall?

" is one of the first online stores that has already elaborated millions of fashionistas' high fashion look. Based in China, PersunMall offers the latest street style dresses, coats, boots and many other accessories for women apparel.
Having over 4 years' experience in the business of women apparel, we know exactly how to satisfy lady's clothing desires of all ages. We also establish stable, long-term and cooperative relationship with a number of domestic manufacturers to ensure the diversification of clothing styles and accessories. Our high quality and fashionable clothing had won a wide reputation from our customers in America, Britain, Australia, Middle East, and Southeast Asia. More than 200 nations and regions have already tested our products and services and most of them are satisfied. Our mission is to constantly provide our customers with the latest fashionable clothing."

I ordered this sweater on February 28th, and I got my package on Martch 21th. They ship from China, and I live in The Netherlands. It takes 3 weeks for the package to get here. China - The Netherlands is a pretty long ride. I also saw that the package came with a plane. I think it's always cool to see where the package went through to get to the final destination. 

When I ordered this package, I immediately got a tracking code in my mail. But it's pretty hard to see on the website when it has arrived. I couldn't understand the website that well sometimes. Because it said that they couldn't find the package. I don't know why.. but in the end it has arrived. 

Plum said...

It's quite freaky this top, but I like it too! <3 H&M had one with cat faces which is quite cool as well! Have you seen it? :)

EveHearts said...

I love the sweater! And your shoes, ahh they're amazing! :D

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