Heavy spender? It's time for some change!

9 January 2014

New year resolutions, are nothing for you? Well, you can always save bits by bits. I'm also not a real new year resolution person. But saving some money does no harm right? I got some little tips that can help your new year. New year = More money!

It's harder than you think
- Don't spend more money than that you have, you may think: "God isn't that obvious?". It's harder than you may think. You can simply spend more money, you can even forget how much you actually spend. Maybe at shopping, clubbing, or just hanging out with your friends. Simple things can also costs a lot of money, "Oh, it's just for this one time. I can treat myself at this, and that." and so it goes. And then you forget how much you actually spend. Think twice before you spend your hard working money.

Work is money!
- Are you bored, scrolling forever on your never ending Tumblr Dashboard? Checking all your favorite webshops everyday? Wanting that hot item that's on sale? Don't hesitate, working pays off. If you work more, you get more! Don't waste your time on being bored. Search for some work, maybe in the weekends or the holidays. You'll never know!

Clean warderobe
- Maybe is it time for a clean warderobe, this is a really good tip for every fashionista that has many clothes she doesn't even wear. Just pick items you don't wear anymore and sell it on Facebook, Ebay or other sellingsites. There are a lot nowadays. So take your chance and earn some money of it.

Goals everywhere
- Goals are your best friend, always wanted to go to Paris? Save some money for it. You want your drivers license? Save some money for it. Take a cute little pot from your kitchen (or thriftshop) and use it as a pot to save your money for you goal. It can be every week or month.  Don't take any money from it, not even once. You can just put 5 euro, 20 euro, maybe more. If you have some left put it in there. And later on you have more than you think. The more the closer, just think about your goal. If you have motivation in something you can do it.

- Take your own food to your work/school. Don't spend your money on the cafeteria or local supermarket. It can save a lot! Just wake up a little earlier and make your own food. Fruit is always good.

Manage your stuff
- It's really important to know how much you spend. Always take your ticket when spending, so you can check in the end how much damage it is. Sometimes it shocks me after shopping, i'm like: "I didn't spend that much, I need to get on my path. And then it happens again." Why taking your ticket after buying stuff? Because you can't see it on your bank account how much you spend, when and where. So you have to do it like the olds chool way. Just buy a cute notebook for it, so you won't lose it. In the end of the month you can see how much you spend and how much you had. Calculate a little and see how much you have left, you can save it for your awesome goals.

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Kati said...

Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
I made the index calendar card box myself, but if you want one, I could make one for you! Just e-mail me at almoststylish(at)gmail.com!

Have a great day,

Eric Jess said...

I needed this. I just quit my job in retail because I just wasn't happy and haven't found steady work besides doing freelance writing here and there.

Thus I am relying on saving and I am seeing my bank account slowly diminish in front of my eyes.

I've cut out my "daily" coffee visits. But just cannot part with my sushi bar frequenting. I mean what is life without sushi?

Thanks for the advice, and blog is lovely!

Eric Jess

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