Grazia, super late update!

10 November 2012

Hi my loves,

This is a super, super, super, late update. But you guys knew that I was going to Grazia's 5th birthday in Holland right?! And I saw on the site and their magazine that there were a lot of style photographers (street style photographers) who will photograph the most fashionable people on there. And guess what? People wanted a picture from me! YES, ME! Because i'm so awesome... nah jokes haha. It was really awkward for the first time, but later it went really well. More people wanted to take a picture from me haha, I loved it. I felt like a real celeb. Even though it was just for fun and stuff I also photographed some people. And when I went home, I wanted to check the site from grazia ( if I was on it. The photographers said that I'll be on it, and yes. A few days later, I saw MYSELF ON GRAZIA.NL! I was really excited and happy. Here is the link; Yes! I'm still on it, and i'm super proud of it. I thought that more people were on the site, but nah. In Holland is also a fashion program on television which is called: ''Fashion police'' they pick people on the street out, and they will style some and they will give some advice. It's really fun to watch it's like the TLC's ''What not to wear'' or something like that! I also got a picture with them. And guess what? I was 2 seconds on television haha. Here's the link: I'm at 20 minutes or something, after the little girls in pink! Here are the picture's of 2 september 2012. I'm sorry for the late update.

Hello Amsterdam! (I thought it was a really nice shot, so why not haha just trying somethings out right?)

The judges of the Grazia PC Catwalk, yes. You can be a model if you were walking on that catwalk and stuff. You may join the Catwalk of that day if you won!

I was fangirling! Really, I was! The models were checking me out haha. They were really gorgeous with their  casual outfis haha! Practise, practise, and more... practise!

Hello fashion police of Holland! 

(Ugh I was sitting in front of a pole or something, it was really annoying and I didn't had a lot of space to film, so I was filming with my camera ON the catwak.... Thug life.) Oh that girl with the bandana in her hair, she wanted to take a picture of me, she was really nice. I wanted to know her but too bad.. too late. :( 

YES, I THOUGHT LET'S TAKE A PICTURE SECRETLY HAHA! But she was watching me... uh mission failed? 

Hello people... *waves* I also wanted to watch the show... (The show was by the way at the PC. Hoofdstraat, PC Mainstreet at Amsterdam)

I love this shot hehe :)

 I'm such a good papparazi! I love his outfit.
 I think this was a fashion photographer, he also wanted a picture from me hehe. I love his style!
Hello real models at the windows lol... it was really fun to watch!

 Some famous Dutch people. Valerio, and yes TED! A Dutch actor (GTST) and his boyfriend.
 The winners of the model casting. 


Some fun at the ''Bijenkorf'' in Amsterdam.

Well, hello  there Dior glasses.

With my lovely friend Dennis which I was the whole day hanging with. It was a looooot of fun. I'm totally at this event again next year! I can't wait. This was my first fashion event ever. Well, I love fashion. Let's celebrate it. I shall make a fashion event too right? Maybe... later, when i'm famous. :p

Lots of love,
Rui Jun

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